• Research emphases

1.  Material and surface physics.  Experimental and technological  researches include:

(a)    Developmental research on thin films

(b)    Material surface, surface electrons, and geometrical struc­tures

(c)    Surface photoelectric characteristics

(d)    Electronic component applications

(e)    High-temperature superconductor and precision measurements.

2. Photoelectric and laser physics:

(a)    Physics research with laser spectroscopy

(b)    Nonlinear optics

(c)     Photoelectric semiconductor components

(d)    Fiber optic communication and optical information

3. Biophysics.  Research projects include:

(a)    The biophysics of gene molecules

(b)    Ultra-fine structure of nucleic acid

(c)     Structure and function of protein-nucleic acid composites

(d)    Sequence analysis of biological macromolecules

4. Theoretical physics, computational physics:

(a)    Computation of plasma dynamics

(b)    Modeling nonlinear dynamics

(c)    Modeling the three-dimensional structure of biological macro­mole­cules

(d)    Development of computer applications in assisting theoretical physics


5. Analysis of modeling of condensed-matter theoretical struc­tures