Basic Courses

128 credits are required for graduation, of which 76 credits are mandatory.


1st Year: General Physics, Calculus, General Chemistry, General Physics Lab. (I)(II), General Chemistry Lab.
2nd Year: Electromagnetism (I), Applied Mathematics (I), Electronics (I), Introduction to Modern Physics,
Experimental Topics in Electronics (I)(II)

3rd Year: Quantum Physics (I), Optics, Applied Physics Lab. (I)(II)


Information Physics,
Applied Physics and AI Project-based Practical Course,
Machine Learning in Physics,
Fundamental Physics Honor Course,
Advanced Physics Honor Course,
Introduction to Quantum Information and Computation,
Introduction to Solid-State Physics,
Impedance Analysis and Applications,
Electromagnetism (II),
Applied Mathematics (II),
Quantum Physics (II),
Fundamental Computational Physics,
Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence,
Electronics (II),
Analytical Mechanics,
Geometrical Optics,
Quantum Machine Learning,
Introduction to Optoelectronics,
Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics,
Special Topics on Physics Demonstration,
Semiconductor Devices Physics,
Special Topic Research,
Entrepreneurial internship,
Physics and Communication: Practice,
Semiconductor Physics and Technology,
Statistical Mechanics,
Digital Optics,
Conversation between Social and Physical Sciences,
Introduction to Physics and Protection of Ionizing Radiation,
Scientific Media Literacy and Writing,
Numerical Methods,
Introduction to Electromagnetic Waves,
Microscope Principle.


In response to the diverse backgrounds of our incoming students, we have restructured the basic courses in the graduate school. Students now receive foundational training under the guidance of their individual supervisors, while traditional subjects are available as elective courses.


Quantum Mechanics,
Semiconductor Physics and Technology,
Special Topic Research,
Entrepreneurial internship,
Generative AI-Assisted Physical Research Methodologies,
Semiconductor Devices Physics,
Solid-State Physics,
Digital Optics,
Statistical Mechanics,
Applied Physics and AI Project-based Practical Course.