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Department of Applied Physics


The Department of Applied Physics has been an integral part of Tunghai University since its founding in 1955. Over the course of 68 years, the department has witnessed the graduation of a total of 2,660 students, with more than one-third of them later earning master or doctoral degrees. The achievements of our alumni have received recognition from the physics community, both locally and globally. In response to the evolving needs of the Information Age and to support Taiwan's high-tech industry and advanced research, the department introduced a master degree program in 1998, followed by the establishment of a Ph.D. program in 2010.



Our programs focus on cultivating skills in experimental and technological analysis. With the establishment of the master's program, the Department of Applied Physics has been able to nurture high-tech professionals. The department provides a wide array of elective courses, allowing students the flexibility to choose according to their interests. All instructional courses are interconnected and incorporate cutting-edge equipment. Our faculty members possess expertise in various fields, including computational physics, laser optics, biophysics, nanomaterials, and surface sciences.





Teaching and Research Development Priorities

Our faculty members specialize in the following research areas:

Semiconductors and material science
a. Surface physics and semiconductor physics.
b. Nanophysics and low-temperature physics
c. Multiferroic materials, neutron scattering
d. Nanomaterial properties, nanophotonic devices

Photoelectric and laser physics
a. Liquid crystal optoelectronic devices, metamaterial physics
b. Fluorescence spectroscopy, laser dynamics

Theoretical and computational physics
a. Quantum magnetic phase transitions, low-dimensional systems
b. Quantum critical phenomena, quantum information and computation
c. Biomedical image processing, brain structure analysis
d. String theory, matrix models


Prospects after Graduation

Advanced Study and Employment Opportunities

Specialties: Operation and Measurement of Electronic Instruments, Operation and Measurement of Photoelectric Components, Computer Operation and Software Applications, Computer Program Design, Thin-Film Plating and Technological Applications, Semiconductor and Biophysics Training, Basic Physics Training

Primary Paths of Advanced Studies: Domestic and International Graduate Programs of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Optics and Electronics, Life Science, Medical Engineering, Space Science, Geophysics, Marine Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Astronomy, Electronics.

Examples of Careers Pursued by Our Graduates: High School Teacher, Electronic Engineer, Semiconductor Engineer, Optic-Electronics Engineer, Geological Measurement Engineer, Safety Engineer, Computer Engineer, Meteorologist.



Department Contact Information
Department of Applied Physics, Tunghai University

Address: No. 1727, Sec. 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun District, Taichung City 407224, Taiwan R.O.C.
Telephone : 886-4-23594778、886-4-23590121 ext. 32100
Fax : 886-4-23594643
e-mail : phys@thu.edu.tw
Web site:https://phy2.thu.edu.tw