Basic Courses

 128 credits are required for graduation, of which 84/81 are required courses.



     1st year: calculus, general physics, general chemistry.

     2nd year: applied math, electromagnetism, modern physics, electronics.

     3rd year: quantum physics, thermodynamics.

     Plus three-year experimental courses.


     optics, introduction to material science



    fundamental of semiconductor physics, crystal structures and

    X-ray diffraction, analytical mechanics, solid-state physics,


    electromagnetic wave, special topics on metamaterials,

    introduction to photonics, energy and physics, geometrical optics.


In order to accommodate the capacity and diverse backgrounds of the incoming students, 
we have modified the structure of basic courses in the graduate school. Emphasis is put on basic trainings by

individual supervisors, and the traditional subjects are offered as elective courses.

Elective:  Electrodynamics I, statistical mechanics I, quantum mechanics I, II, reading reports and discussion, 
dissertation, special topic seminars , solid-state physics I, II, biophysics, molecular bio-physics, theoretical physics seminar, 
experimental physics seminar, microwave physics and applications, laser physics and applications, spectrum analysis, 
semiconductor physics, photoelectric components and applications, nonlinear optics, surface physics, superconductor physics, 
theoretical computation, cell biology, plasma physics。